This is where I have put my Photoshop projects. Some were for class and some were just for fun. They are all my own work and they were a lot of fun to create.


This picture is my face on Joe DiMaggio's body. I took a picture of the Yankee Clipper and meshed it with a photograph of me. The hat is a new hat. After putting my picture into Photoshop I used grayscale and then added a duotone to make the color match that of the uniform. This was created in my first Photoshop class.


This is a postcard that I designed for Photoshop class. I obtained a few pictures of New York City and then used Photoshop to bring in the pictures and insert them into the letters. Using Photoshop effects the type appears to pop off the page.


This is a billboard that was created for the Dubuque Area Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse. I created this image in Photoshop and using some Illustrator elements to put across the message of the group. The photos of the kids were obtained from Gary Olsen's Dubuque Area schools website.


This is a mock billboard for Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. I used Photoshop to create this image and selected from three different fonts. I used the type faces to convey the message of a western feel. I also tried to stick with the company's colors and their image. This is the end result of that research.


This is a combination image. It is a photo of Katy Rose, a rose, and her eye. I also liked the effect of the purple eyes on the black and white photo. This is one of the more artisitc pieces I have created. It has quickly become one of my favorite creations.


The reason this is in the Photoshop section is that these are two different pictures merged into one. The statement that it makes is how home and school are together. The top half of the picture is in Dubquue, Iowa where I attend college and the bottom half of the picture is in New York where I grew up.


These was created in photoshop and the original photo is in the maine section of the photo gallery. I liked this manipulation because of the unique look that it has. I used a variety of different elements in photoshop to create this image and I like it so much I posted it here on my website.


This Photoshop illustration was done for my computer imaging class. I decided to take my brother and his girlfriend and put them on a bench on the White House lawn. I also added a different sky because I didn't like the bland gray sky that was behind it in the original photo. I like this was much better. I did my best to make the picture look as real as possible. That it would look like they were actually there.


This original image was taken for my digital photography class. The image wasn't as strong and I changed some levels and created a silhouette. The skyline is from Galena, Illinois and there was nothing done except levels changed. I liked what the tops of the buildings looked like darkened out.


I applied a Photoshop filter to this picture of Niagara Falls. I changed it into a watercolor and I liked the way it looked, so here it is on the Photoshop page.

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