by Adam Nettleton

Digging through the back closet of the rundown family home, a small box glimmered in the glow of the overhead bulb. It was my old crayon box. The zebra wood and the inlaid veneer top was intriguing. Fumbling with the latch, I remembered how the box was too big to fit into the cubby hole. With a quick lift, I peered in and saw some of my old treasures. There was my Webelos badge from Cub Scouts, other papers folded and carefully placed in a baggie. Dad must have collected them. I headed back to my room upstairs. Glancing around the room, I noticed more memories staring me in the face. My Baseball Hall of Fame weekend pin, a golden eagle from Canada, a basketball trophy from grade school, a gem from the Ben Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, my high school diploma, our baseball team stats and other reminders.

As I arrived in Dubuque, Iowa I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was about to build a new box of memories. Having never lived outside New York State I didn’t know anyone within 500 miles. I was determined to view another part of the world -- what better time than college. At first, I thought it was a mistake. It was a big adjustment, being on my own; it took a while to adjust. I was able to stay through the initial shock and stay for four years. Over the years I have built another place to keep memories. I capture them in photographs. The pictures stored in this box are of the old and the new, starting from my childhood and giving a glimpse of what life has brought and where it is headed. Each photo shows a piece of my life captured in an image. Come and explore the updated crayon box.



a new life begins, shimmering and shaking

out in the world, looking ahead

so starts a journey through time

"A house to call home"

such an old house, many before me

brief stay where the world was shaped

space to call this house, home


what the world looked like

spinning around it all seemed so big

hidden in the trees and valleys

"Falling drops"

between the hills and trees, beauty

from above you see a blanket of green

water tears a path through the woods

"A new love"

first time walking on that field

where the game began

standing at firstbase with glove poised

"Seeing the world"

from coast to coast the world shows itself

taking in everything I can

the world has many wonders

"Light and hope"

knowledge from travel

the country so large

freedom will keep it standing


"Look deep inside"

surfaces can be deceiving

so many different parts inside

find the substance deep within


most can't see the world

only the normal is clear

beauty comes from distortion


anger built inside, escapes

a small fire starts and explodes

standing for a belief



so much excitement for a ride

to let go of reality for a while

thread keeps the world together



so many choices before me

each way different and exciting

which is the best way


making a trip west

two different eras, same city

decision of where to learn


"Mississippi city"

the trip's final stop

so many new faces

a lot of new challenges

"Problem's crashing"

new problems crash in front

rough sea starts depression

homesick and doubt


new friends help you through

hard to adjust to a new life

they are in the storm with you

"Find your way"

the lighthouse directs the boats

friends help you find your way

not always easy to continue

"Can't always see"

always been there

can't always be clear

only a section revealed

"Beauty in the dark"

walking in the night

down near the dirt

beauty can be found

"Rose view"

coming into full focus

a rose shown through

a beauty in my life



independence stolen overnight

gate around freedom

comes with price

"Sun descending"

starts to fall in the sky

another day is ending

questions begin to arise

"Sailing away"

preparing to depart

sun not quite all gone

spending some final moments


"Sun is disappearing"

time draws near to move on

another day in our lives ends

future on the horizon



future is unknown

headed for the top

nothing in the way


©Copyright 2002,2003 All Rights Reserved Adam Nettleton. e-mail Adam