The journey began in Manhattan, Kansas at Kansas State University. This was my training week. I spent a week with a seasoned photographer snapping pictures. I took a few of my own shots. To the right, aview of the Kansas State Football field in Manhattan, Kansas. Click the photo to see more photos from Kansas State.
The next stop was Rolla, Missouri. Rolla wasn't too exciting but on a trip to St. Louis, I drove through a little town called Bourbon, Missouri. I chuckled to myself after passing a "water" tower in town. Sure sure we don't have a problem. uh-huh. Click on the photo to see more.


Being in Rolla for so long I needed to get out, so I took a day trip to St. Louis to see my friend, Danielle Jackson. Of course while in St. Louis I had to take some pictures of the sites. Mostly one specific spot. Click on the photo to see more pictures .
Unfortunately this was the only picture I took in Springfield, Missouri. Of course as soon as I drove by I knew I needed this photo. I have some variations of this picture, but I'll leave this one as just oneroad sign.
After a month spent in Missouri it was time to head west to Denver. I was lucky enough to stay with one of my College friends, Ali. We took a few shots in Denver and went a little farther west to get some mountain shots. We went to Golden for some pictures. This gallery is a little bigger, and if you are wondering who is in some of the photos, that's Ali. Click the picture to see more pictures


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