This is where I have placed my work with Adobe Illustrator. These projects are taken from my Computer Imaging class. This was a new experience for me because I have never been able to draw and only with the technology I can produce these pieces.

This is an illustration of my old house in Upstate New York. I used a photo as a template and used the Illustrator program to create this stamp. I interpreted the colors and some of the outside to fit the project. This was the first and longest project that I embarked upon. I worked on this stamp for over 20 hours and it was a great personal accomplishment.


This is a composite stamp. I used two different photos to create this image. I took a picture of the Ty Cobb Hall of Fame plaque and placed it on top of a photo of Doubleday Field. I had to interpret some of the roof and work with the colors. Even though I love the Yankees; I picked Ty Cobb because he was one of the earliest superstars.


This was a very difficult postcard. The lines of the roller coaster were hard to keep straight. This is the Viper at Six Flags Darien Lake. It is 20 years old and one of the first coasters to have many inversions. This postcard portrays the American idea of having fun. I am pleased how this project turned out.


This was drawn from a photo I took of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. This piece took me the least amount of time to complete. I tried to capture the Liberty Bell in a more real state. I also made sure the words on the bell were exactly the same as the actual bell. I wanted to add something different to the background and thought a radial fill would work.


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