3 Days of Intense Photography
I took a digital photography class over four days in the summer of 2003. During the class I used a Canon 10d digital camera and a 300mm zoom lens and captured some incredible moments. This is the gallery where each day is posted. The first three days were strictly photography and the final day was production/printing.


Day 1

Photo Gallery

The first day was spent mostly at the arboretum in Dubuque, Iowa. The days tasks included taking macro shots of flowers and other objects found in nature. Early in the morning all of us were together shooting the same things. After lunch we set out on our own finding different shots that could be accomplished in a place like this. Towards dusk we were brought together again and taught an interesting way of taking night photos with a flash. This gave the effect of being darker than it actually was at the time. Click above to view the day 1 gallery.


Day 2

Photo Gallery

The second day started with some studio work. In the morning the rain was coming down so we worked on potraits of each other inside the studio. After lunch the weather had cleared up and we headed out to the Galena, Il Territory. We took some pictures of landscapes and found a waterfall and collected shots. As the sun started to set we headed for downtown Galena to take some pictures of architecture. We had shots of the building skyline and all the other interesting structures we could find. Some people went into stores and photographed certain elements within. All of us looked like tourists carrying around the cameras shooting like mad. Before heading to Balltown to take sunset photos we all sat down at Vinny Vanuchi's for dinner. We had a hard time chasing down the sunset, but finally managed to get a clear shot of the sun setting.




Day 3

Photo Gallery

The final day of shooting was spent entirely in Madison, Wisconsin. We headed out early in the morning and after a brief lunch we walked around downtown taking shots of anything we found interesting. The people on the streets or buildings made up most of the shots of the early afternoon. We quickly packed up our gear and headed to the zoo. Our assignment was take pictures of animals not looking like they were in a zoo. We were shorted time because of when the zoo closed and had to head out without being able to get all the pictures we wanted. Then we headed back to the University towards the lake. The sun was going down around this time and we were able to capture some interesting photos of a sunset on a lake.



Another Gallery

An extra gallery with pictures also taken with the Canon 10d camera. These weren't a part of the class, they were taken a few days before class when I was testing out the new camera.

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