elcome to the Baseball page. On this page you will find statistics of a few of my favorite Hall of Fame players. Ever since I was a boy I have loved baseball and dedicated many years to playing the sport.

I was lucky enough to have played on Doubleday when I was in high school and the memory of that game will stick with me forever.

I hope everyone that visits this page takes advantage of the stats I have posted and hope they can find the same joy I have in the game of baseball.



The Baseball Hall of Fame's first inductee class. Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Walter Johnson.

Index of Hall of Fame Player's Stats

Simmons, Al
Sisler, George
Smith, Ozzie
Mathews, Eddie
Snider, Duke
Spahn, Warren
Marichel, Juan
Speaker, Tris
Stargell, Willie
McCovey, Willie
McGinnity, Joe
Terry, Bill
Traynor, Pie
Medwick, Joe
Greenberg, Hank
Grove, Lefty
Murray, Eddie
Vaughn, Arky
Musial, Stan
Heilmann, Harry
Campanella, Roy Hornsby, Rogers Newhouser, Hal Wagner, Honus
Carew, Rod Hoyt, Waite O Waner, Lloyd
Carlton, Steve Hubbell, Carl Ott, Mel Waner, Paul
Cepeda, Orlando J P Williams, Ted
Chesbro, Jack Jackson, Reggie Pennock, Herb Wilson, Hack
Clemente, Roberto Johnson, Walter Puckett, Kirby Winfield, Dave
Cobb, Ty Joss, Addie R Wynn, Early
Cochrane, Mickey K Rice, Sam Y
Collins, Eddie Kaline, Al Rizzuto, Phil Yastremski, Carl
Combs, Earle  Keeler, Willie Robinson, Frank Young, Cy
Crawford, Sam Killebrew, Harmon Robinson, Jackie Yount, Robin
D  Kiner, Ralph Ruffing, Red  
Dean, Dizzy Klein, Chuck Ruth, Babe  
Dickey, Bill Koufax, Sandy S  
Dimaggio, Joe L Schmidt, Mike all stats from Baseball Encyclopedia


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